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Action and reaction are carried out simultaneously

Issuing time:2022-07-18 09:49

At the same time, Google banned Huawei from updating Android, Huawei released its self-developed HarmonyOS system, the number of ecological users in HarmonyOS was about 400 million, and the number of mobile users such as mobile phones was nearly 300 million. A completely new version of HarmonyOS version 3.0 is coming soon.

Wang Chenglu joined the open source HarmonyOS, further paving the way for the global ecosystem of HarmonyOS 3.0. Huawei launched Cangji, a programming language developed by HarmonyOS OS, to enable domestic manufacturers to better develop related services in HarmonyOS, thus attracting more manufacturers and users.

Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 will completely break the limitations of the system, create a system ecosystem in the era of Internet of Everything, eliminate the bloated parts in 2.0, add new algorithms to improve the fluency, and delete Google's code to make this domestic system more pure.

Strengthened the ability of cross-platform application and cross-screen collaboration, added privacy protection, fraud prevention and other functions, further improved the security level of the system, further increased the number of ecological users of HarmonyOS OS, and became the fastest-growing system in the world.

Google removed a lot of code about Fuchsia from Android open source project, and started a new project called Starnix, which enabled Fuchsia to run Android applications seamlessly.

Google didn't want to lose the opportunity of the Internet of Everything era, so it developed a distributed and micro-kernel system Fuchsia. At the beginning of the project, it encountered many unsolvable problems. The advent of Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 caught Google off guard.

HarmonyOS's leading position in the Internet of Everything made Google unwilling to accept it. Google could only delete Fuchsia code, let Fuchsia support applications and libraries compatible with Linux and Android, and start the new Starnix project.

The action and reaction are carried out at the same time, and the Internet of Everything needs functions such as cross-platform and cross-screen collaboration. Google's existing Android system can't meet the requirements. With the rapid development of 5G and the Internet of Things, the mobile phone system needs the HarmonyOS system that connects everything.

Being swayed by considerations of gain and loss, Google lost its best research and development opportunity. HarmonyOS system developed rapidly, but Google system stagnated. HarmonyOS system became mature and rose slowly, and Google system stagnated. HarmonyOS version 3.0 drew a clear line with Android and quickly pushed it to the world.

HarmonyOS's system can't do without the support of friends and businessmen, and only by working together can it expand its territory for domestic systems. HarmonyOS's system has been installed and used on TV, watches, mobile phones and other products, opening a new era of domestic mobile phone operating systems.

The number of Huawei mobile devices equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS system exceeds 240 million, the number of ecological devices equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS system also exceeds 150 million, and the number of users of Huawei HarmonyOS OS system has exceeded 400 million.

Although HarmonyOS belongs to Chinese people's own ecosystem, no mobile phone manufacturer in China is willing to use HarmonyOS system. Huawei's mobile phone sales are getting less and less, which means that worshipping foreign things and fawning on foreigners is still prevalent.

If domestic mobile phone friends still don't want to use Huawei's HarmonyOS system in HarmonyOS, it means that the number of users of Huawei's OS system in HarmonyOS will gradually decrease, and it is possible to repeat the mistakes of Samsung's Tizen system. This is not alarmist, nor sensational.

Huawei's exclusive APP applications in HarmonyOS system are very few, and many software developers are reluctant to develop the exclusive version of HarmonyOS OS system, which leads to the fact that HarmonyOS system can only continue to rely on Android ecosystem, and the number of mobile phone users in HarmonyOS system determines the subsequent development.

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