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Southeast University with a strong academic atmosphere

Issuing time:2022-07-09 15:00

Southeast University, which has a strong academic atmosphere, is full of talents but very low-key. Southeast University's artificial intelligence and biochips attract worldwide attention. Southeast University, which is quietly dedicated, is not a hill of water, and trains a group of high-tech elites for the country.

In the information age of big data artificial intelligence, when a mobile phone runs a large game or a computer runs video editing software, it will be very hot, the game will get stuck, and the video editing software will be in a false crash state, which may be related to poor heat dissipation of the circuit.

Digital China, digital world and Huaxia data center consume more than 3% of the total electricity in China. The problem of chip heat dissipation has cost the world tens of billions of dollars every year. In view of this problem, Professor Hao Menglong of Southeast University has made an innovative breakthrough.

Hao Menglong, who was admitted to Southeast University in 2006 as a major in thermal energy and power engineering, took courses such as semiconductor physics across disciplines. He found that overheating of electronic devices often became the bottleneck of their performance, and paid great attention to chip heat dissipation technology.

After graduating from Southeast University and studying in Germany, I got my master's degree in Germany in one year, and went to my alma mater in Deng Jiaxian for a doctorate on a full scholarship. Before I finished my doctoral thesis, I got an invitation to work as a postdoctoral fellow, which was evaluated by international experts as unprecedented.

Southeast University, with a strong academic atmosphere, made Hao Menglong dream. He told his wife that serving the motherland was something I had to do. In 2018, Hao Menglong declined the retention of his tutor, returned to the motherland with his wife working in the United States, joined his alma mater, Southeast University, and became a doctoral supervisor before he was 30 years old.

Hao Menglong led graduate students to decorate laboratories and build test beds during the day. At night, he went back to a small rental house to continue to check information and write plans. After more than half a year, he presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province and was selected as a SC talent in Jiangsu Province.

Because of his outstanding contribution to chip packaging, Hao Menglong was selected as a Zijin Scholar set up by Huawei Company, introducing the scientific research progress to Ren Zhengfei and his party, promoting technological transformation and landing, and solving the bottleneck problem of Huaxia semiconductor industry.

In the summer of 2021, Hao Menglong was selected by the Central Organization Department to study in the Ideal and Belief College of Two Bombs and One Star, which was set up in Qinghai Old 221 Base. He found that heat dissipation had become the bottleneck restricting the performance improvement of the radar system of the missile seeker.

Hao Menglong led the team to put forward a breakthrough technical scheme, which was finally highly recognized by relevant experts. He often said that as a teacher, the greatest contribution I can make to the country is to take over the baton and cultivate a group of patriotic high-level scientific and technological talents.

Hao Menglong talked about the institutional superiority of socialism with Chinese characteristics with personal experience, and took the lead in carrying forward the patriotic dedication spirit of the two bombs and one star. The research group gradually formed an atmosphere of actively facing the major needs of the country and working hard.

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