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Remodeling the New Paradigm and Ecology of Network Security

Issuing time:2022-04-21 16:15

Remodel the new paradigm and new ecology of network security, strengthen the research on the security protection of national key information infrastructure network facilities, promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of endogenous security, accelerate efforts to gather strength and reach consensus in related fields, and accelerate the development of China's advanced computing and endogenous security technologies.

The first cyberspace endogenous security development conference was held by online remote interaction, and invited academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known universities, research institutes, and heavy guests from enterprises and think tanks to attend the conference, and held an academic conference, a special forum, and an exhibition of VR innovation achievements.

1. Conduct comprehensive exchanges and in-depth discussions around topics such as software-defined chips, artificial intelligence endogenous security, wireless endogenous security, endogenous security ecology, blockchain technology, standards and specifications, evaluation and determination, energy endogenous security, satellite interconnection endogenous security, and network security insurance development.

2. Focusing on the new situation and tasks of network security under the great changes, focusing on the new paradigm and new ecology of network security, leading the new trend and pattern of generalized functional security of key information infrastructure, improving the level of network space security, and reshaping the new pattern of information infrastructure and network security industry development.

3. Focusing on the endogenous security mimicry defense technology in cyberspace, this paper introduces the relevant theoretical basis, development paradigm, current situation of technology and industry development, and puts forward some promotion strategies and suggestions for the development of endogenous security technology and industry.

4. Discuss the cyberspace security response and the new paradigm and ecology of cybersecurity under the great changes, and explore and discover the major scientific and technological innovations and applications made by Chinese scientists in the field of cyberspace endogenous security.

Remodeling the new paradigm and ecology of network security, advanced computing and endogenous security are strategic frontier technologies and key enabling technologies in the network information age, which are of great significance to promoting economic and social development, seeking competitive development advantages and enhancing comprehensive national strength.

1. It is necessary to set up a leading banner of generalized functional safety, take endogenous safety development conference as a platform and endogenous safety alliance as a link, and continuously consolidate the leading position of generalized functional safety;

2. Build the base of critical information infrastructure, build the world's leading generalized functional security base of critical information infrastructure, and strengthen the integration with other security protection technologies or systems on the base to form an integrated defense-in-depth system;

3. Explore Industry-University-Research's cooperative defense system, relying on the platform of endogenous security alliance and endogenous security development conference, strengthen the integration and promotion of Industry-University-Research's cooperation, speed up key technological breakthroughs in various industries, accelerate the transformation of technological achievements, and create a collaborative innovation ecology.

1. The 5G endogenous security communication system will carry out high-level security applications for 5G important vertical industries such as industrial manufacturing, and realize comprehensive security protection for 5G networks;

2. The industrial Internet mimics the edge gateway, which effectively solves the problem of unreliable data transmission and control instructions in the industrial network, realizes the comprehensive protection of the gateway equipment itself and the industrial control network, and provides an important solution for the industrial Internet to deal with unknown security threats;

3. The verification system of endogenous safety principle of automatic driving provides a new path to solve the problem of functional safety and network safety of automatic driving system in an integrated and real-time way. It can start the safety measures in milliseconds, open the strong protection of generalized robust control for smart cars, and promote a new era of safer, smarter and better travel.

The First Cyberspace Endogenous Security Development Conference and the Fourth International Conference on Advanced Computing and Endogenous Security, jointly sponsored by Purple Mountain Laboratory and China Cyberspace Endogenous Security Technology and Industry Alliance, won high praise and became a model for online technology conferences.

Remodel the new paradigm and new ecology of network security, focus on new concepts, new theories, new methods and new technologies in the fields of advanced computing and endogenous security, jointly discuss the latest technological developments in related fields, and display the latest scientific research and academic research results.

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